• We are a Full House Creative and Outsourcing Agency.


90 DEGREES is a Full House Creative and Outsourcing Agency

specializing in Designing, Advertising, Events, Marketing, Media, Fabrication & Printing. This excellent concept was born in August 2005.

We are a group of skilled professionals from different fields of the media, communication, marketing, events, advertising and fabrication field, who have been joined by a common goal: the goal not only to succeed but to pave the way for others, most especially our clients to share in our success as we do theirs. We believe in team work with the client being one of the major team players; after all without the client 90 Degrees Company Limited would have no reason to exist.

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Within our 9 years of existence 90 Degrees Company Limited has provided nothing but top quality services for clients, and this is because we have always held and still hold the view that every client is important and deserves the best, not only in terms of market value and market share, but also the best of services any agency can offer. Clients’ testify especially those from LG Electronics Ghana, Mohinani Group of Companies, Printware Limited, Accra Metropolitan Assembly, Pepsi Ghana, Phillips Pharmaceuticals Ghana Ltd, Fendix Biomass Ghana Ltd, Integrated Investments Ltd, New Lucky Electricals etc prove that we are among the best, if not the best agency they have had the pleasure of dealing with, and in all this, we strive to be better than best because we believe our best can always be bettered.



“Our Mission is to become the leader in the printing and fabrication(metal and wood) sector in Ghana and beyond, by being innovative, creative, dynamic, customer focused, offer high quality printing services at fair prices, deliver quickly and employing the latest technology in the creative industry as well as operating responsibly to meet the need of all the stakeholders groups.”


Our Vision is to be the premier Multi printing company that creates designs and deliver high quality customized printing services, and conduct our business with the highest integrity.


We exist to create a one stop shop of HIGHLY INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS to our clients CREATIVES, DESIGNS, MARKETING, MEDIA, EVENTS, FABRICATIONS and PRINT problems in a timely fashion and to provide a meaningful work and advancement opportunities for our employees.



Our work process is designed using a unique combination of craftsmanship and business .We research our client’s businesses and their customers, looking for the essential truths that connect them. With these truths as inspiration, along with our specialized tools we create works that connect our client’s targets, engage their intellect, touch their hearts and minds. In essence our work process involves using the power of big ideas to give our best.


We have an all-out, from-every-possible-angle commitment to driving business success. It’s a commitment to alter consumer perceptions, unify corporate cultures, and re-ignite tired sales. In all freshness and surprise are built into our commitment; the unusual, the unexpected, and, best of all, delivering the unprecedented serve as our core motivation.


Every client expects great creativity from their creative partners. We excel in corporate communications, branding, print graphics, events and relationship management, campaign planning and execution that breaks through the clutter. All this is just a part that makes us 90 DEGREES. One of our most vital credentials in our relationships, as in all relationships, is communication. We devote time and attention, to listen, and with our sleeves all rolled up, work with you all the way to deliver to expectations.


  • Professionalism and creative skill that delivers and guarantees you the value / price ratio.
  • Planning methodology that answers your marketing needs.
  • Creativity that delivers you the uniqueness you desire to standout amongst the competition.
  • Cutting edge solutions and concepts that grow your business.
  • Respect for your needs, wants and expectations, and a system that ensures trustworthiness, honesty and reliability on our part.

90 Degrees Company Limited
64 Palace Street, Swan Lake Junction,
North Kaneshie, Accra